Meet the team behind the magic...


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The founder and CEO of Cosmessex, as well as our Head Practioner. Also known as the Queen of non-surgical rhinoplasty and facial contouring. Emmie is a master at filler and botox and has over 8 years experience in the field.

Emmie delivers life changing results to her clients daily leaving them feeling more confident and ready to conquer the world! She also ensures that these results are delivered throughout the facility by all of our practitioners. 


She is also Cosmessex Academy's head educator and is responsible for overlooking day-to-day treatments and activity throughout this empire!


Her training methods are second to none and has trained many names in the aesthetic industry, both from scratch and also in her 1-1 masterclasses that she offers to perfect their skills and learn her very own signature techniques.

Emmie will give you the best, most natural results possible whilst suggesting subtle changes to your face to boost your confidence.

Due to Emmie’s signature non-surgical rhinoplasty, she has been awarded ‘Number 1 in the UK for non-surgical rhinoplasty. This was a great achievement for our clinic!

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BO$$ Mum... SALLY

Sally is our fabulous front of house and can often be seen running about helping all our practitioners and doing day-to-day admin. She is also Emmies Mum. 

Sally is responsible for keeping things running smoothly at Cosmessex and is that smiling face to answer any questions and the phone when a client comes calling. 

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The queen of Semi-Permanent Makeup... Charlotte 

Meet Charlotte, the Queen of everything semi-permanent make up. She is well known for her famous ombré work on lips and brows using her signature techniques.

Charlotte can fulfil all of your tattooing needs covering eyebrows, lip blush, freckles and beauty marks,  and is always giving that confidence lift to her clients when they leave her treatment room.

Our lovely charlotte has been with Cosmessex since the very start and has become a big part of Cosmessex academy and delivers all of our SPMU training to our students at Cosmessex Academy.

We are so happy to have one of the best in the game as part of our team!



Meet our aesthetic practitioner... MEGAN 

Meet Megan, one of our very talented practitioners. Megan is great at delivering wonderful results to our clients, making subtle enhancements to transform your faces. 

She has been trained by Emmie, our head practitioner to ensure the amazing Cosmessex results are being given by all our staff throughout our facility.

Megan is also one of our tutors at The Cosmessex Academy, with her great teaching techniques she has trained many of our students.

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Meet our aesthetics practitioner...MICHELLE

Meet Michelle, another one of our very talented aesthetics practitioner who is amazing at giving flawless results to her clients. 

Michelle has been trained by Emmie, and worked under her watch to become one of the best.

Also being one of our trainers at The Cosmessex Academy, delivering training to the new additions into the aesthetic game. Michelle has a great way of teaching her students shaping them into great practitioners.

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Meet the friendly face of Cosmessex... DONNA

Our lovely Donna is the front of house and the friendly face of Cosmessex and can assist you with booking treatments and any other queries and questions you may have about our services.


Donna is there to assist the practitioners and always there to hold a hand when clients are nervous. Give the salon a call or pop in to talk to her or Sally.

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Meet Cal, the King of Teeth Whitening

Introducing Cal, the amazing king of teeth whitening. Get those pearly whites you've always wanted with Cal.  

Callum is our teeth whitening practitioner here at Cosmessex. He has many years experience of achieving them pearly white teeth and leaving his clients feeling amazing after their treatment.