Price: £2,500

Accreditation: Fully accredited with CPD


Duration: 40 hours home study plus 5 days training


Entry Requirements: One of the following:

  • Medical Professional with medical ID number

  • Level 3 Beauty

  • A&P with 6 months skin needling experience (Microblading, SPMU, Micro-needling)

  • 1 year skin needling experience.


Location: All courses are held at our clinic in Brentwood, Essex


Areas of the face covered: Lips, Nasal Folds, Chin

What will I learn:  

  • We will teach theory

  • Students watch live demonstrations

  • Students will then have 4-6 models they will inject fully supervised by their senior tutor

  • We include first aid & complications awareness how to deal with a complication

  • Dissolving using hylaise

  • We offer ongoing support and aftercare

  • Guaranteed insurance

  • CPD Accredited certificate

  • We allow you to picture & video for your own play back for learning

  • Give you all our social media and picture tips

  • Advise you the best places to buy all your product and stock